DGS to support k-NN queries. Range Queries: Our DGS has two main phases for privacy-preserving continuous range query processing. The first phase finds an initial answer for a range query and the second phase incrementally maintains the query answer based on the user’s location update. Range Query Processing a continuous range query is defined

privacy-preserving data processing system. In this paper, we focus on range queries and a buck-etization based approach proposed in [4] to support them in the DAS model. In the bucketization ap-proach, an attribute domain is partitioned into a set of buckets each of which is identi ed by a tag. These bucket tags are maintained as an index A Privacy-Preserving Index for Range Queries | Request PDF In order to better support range queries over encrypted data, Hore et al. [7] explored an optimal approach to partitioning data domain, thereby, improving the precision of range queries. The work A privacy-preserving index for range queries | Proceedings

k queries de ned in [11, 29] and even the k-nearest neighbor (kNN) queries (by setting all non-spatial scores to 0). The rst challenge of privacy-preserving location-based top-k queries is its security model. Unlike a range query, the results of a top-k query imply the relative ranking of various objects. To address this, we introduce a formal

A privacy-preserving index for range queries | Proceedings A privacy-preserving index for range queries. Pages 720–731. Previous Chapter Next Chapter. ABSTRACT. Database outsourcing is an emerging data management paradigm which has the potential to transform the IT operations of corporations. In this paper we address privacy threats in database outsourcing scenarios where trust in the service

Two-Cloud Secure Database for Numeric-Related SQL Range

for data reply verification. (2) We propose a privacy-preserving storage scheme, in which only coarse information is disclosed to storage nodes while data can still be processed upon the range query. (3) We introduce an encoding scheme, which allows the sink to verify the reply of a range query with small extra overheads incurred.