ification, version 1.0, under the name Ethernet Blue Book or DIX standard. It defines Thick Ethernet in case of 10Mbps CSMA/CD. The first Ethernet controllers, based on the DIX standard, were available starting from 1982. The second and final version of the DIX standard, version 2.0, was released in November 1982: Ethernet II.

The Ethernet - A Local Area Network, Data Link Layer and Sections 1, 2, and 3 provide an overall description of the Ethernet, including its goals, and the scope of the specification. Sections 4 and 5 describe the architectural structure of the Ethernet in terms of a functional model consisting of two layers, the Data Link Layer and the Physical Layer. Configure Layer 3 Interfaces The following procedure is required to configure Layer 3 Interfaces (Ethernet, VLAN, loopback, and tunnel interfaces) with IPv4 or IPv6 addresses so that the firewall can perform routing on these interfaces. If a tunnel is used for routing or if tunnel monitoring is turned on, the tunnel needs an IP address. Layer 2 Ethernet Switches | RUGGEDCOM Portfolio | USA Our Layer 2 Ethernet switches are specifically designed to operate reliably in industrially harsh environments and are available in compact and rack-mounted form factor. Find the right product for your needs RUGGEDCOM Selector. RUGGEDCOM compact switches Discover our compact Layer 2 switches: RUGGEDCOM RS900 family, RSG900R, RSG900C, RSG920P pcb design - Ethernet ground multilayer pcb - Electrical

The Variety of Ethernet Physical Layer Standards

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ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) and its role in computer

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