VPN diagnostic messages related to a VPN gateway refer to the gateway endpoint by number. For example, if a gateway has two gateway endpoint pairs, VPN diagnostic messages refer to the first gateway endpoint as Endpoint 1, and the second as Endpoint 2. VPN diagnostic messages can be errors or warnings. Errors

Jul 20, 2018 Common VPN connection status messages and errors If your device is having trouble connecting or staying connected to the VPN, this article covers the most common status messages and errors. To see the status of your VPN connection, first, open the Accountable2You app on your iOS device. How to fix VPN error 800 on Windows 10? Mar 23, 2018 Impossible to connect to VPN: Permission denied (-455 Mar 11, 2020

The VPN peer on one end is using policy-based VPN. You must configure a Proxy ID on the Palo Alto Networks firewall. See Create a Proxy ID to identify the VPN peers. .

Nov 06, 2019

How to fix VPN error 800 on Windows 10?

Message from Meraki - April 2, 2020 . Hi all. We hope you are all staying safe during these difficult times. One of the results of the current global situation is a large increase in remote work — and a large increase of traffic to this community thread. VPN Error – Here Are Some Common VPN Errors & Their Solution